Can you track down the hare before the dog does? Let’s check.

by banber130389

We invite you to test your concentration and observation skills. Can you solve a visual puzzle? It will take just a couple of minutes of your time, but it will be very beneficial for your brain.

The picture shows a hunter with a dog. They picked up the hare’s trail, but it hid very well. The company returned home empty-handed. Let’s see if you can find the long-eared one.

Most internet users had difficulties solving this puzzle. To be honest, we did too. Only a few managed to find the hare. So, if you couldn’t solve the riddle, it’s okay, it’s really challenging.

If you were able to figure out the artist’s idea, congratulations! You’ve tackled a tough task, and your observation skills are excellent. Below, as usual, we share the answer.