Can you see the apple on the beach in just 6 seconds? Find out if you are a genius

by banber130389

If you can find the apple on the beach in just a few seconds, you are a true genius. We are here to find it out together. Optical illusions are the best way to test your observation skills. Also, such a riddle helps you to test your knowledge skills that you have.

 Thus, if you manage to find the apple on the beach in just 6 seconds, you show a high level of intelligence and attention.

To find out if you have the skills of a good observer, solving intelligence tests or optical illusions can help you. So today’s challenge is to focus on the image and notice where the apple is.

You can see how six girls are playing beach volleyball and enjoying a beautiful sunny day. Now concentrate on more details and find the hidden object. We wish you good luck. See the reveal bellow!

Here it is. It was hiding in behind of other objects, in the right corner of the image all this time. We hope you managed to find it under 6 seconds!

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