Can you guess where the cat’s owner is?

by banber130389

Today, we’ve prepared a riddle from a Soviet book for you. Try to solve it; it’s not as difficult as it may seem.

Masha, Dasha, and Katya met to take a walk in the yard. One of the girls brought her beloved kitten along. Your task is to determine who is the owner of Murzik (the kitten).

There aren’t many details in the illustration, but there are enough to logically unravel the riddle.


Let’s figure it out. Each of the girls has similar ribbons, although their hairstyles differ. The kitten also has a ribbon. And it’s the key to the solution. Two out of three girls have their hairstyles in order, but the one standing on the right is missing a ribbon in her braid. That’s because she tied it around her pet’s neck. This girl is the owner of the kitten.