Can you find the mistake in this detailed picture? Once you see it, you wonder how you couldn’t notice it

by banber130389

We are here to test your attention skills once more. It is never late or enough to train your brain, make your mind faster and sharper, and tests like this are a great option for that. By paying attention to details, we also understand how important it is to pay attention to the right thing and the smallest details…

This time we introduce you a picture, which contains the task. From the first sight everything is normal, just a boy sitting and reading a book, and there is nothing unusual in the picture, but of course, not everything is that easy.

Look closer, use all your attention, concentrate on the smallest details. Find the mistake in the picture. If you manage to do this in less than 15 seconds, you can proudly and surely call yourself a genius! And, here is where the mistake is.

The numbers on the clock are not in their right place! We are sure that even if you haven’t found it, you checked the clocked so many times, but still didn’t notice it. But if you have, congratulations, you are a real fast thinker.

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