Can you find out who is left-handed?

by banber130389

It seems you’re describing a puzzle where the task is to identify the left-handed individual among a group of people and a squirrel, based on their actions. Each person’s handedness is indicated by the tasks they perform.

The chef uses a knife with their right hand, the computer user employs both hands, the person sweeping with the broom also uses both hands, the girl taking a picture clicks the button with her right hand, and the squirrel eats using both hands.

However, the waitress, while carrying the tray with her right hand, serves the coffee using her left hand. The conclusion drawn is that the left-handed individual in this puzzle is the waitress. It’s suggested that left-handed people might find it more comfortable to hold a tray with their right hand while using their left hand for serving.

This kind of puzzle is enjoyable for testing observation skills and intelligence, requiring a bit of lateral thinking within a set time frame. While fun, it’s noted that formal IQ tests offer a more precise measure of intelligence compared to these enjoyable mental challenges.