Can you find out which of these three women is 9 months pregnant just by looking at their shoes?

by banber130389

We have again prepared a logic exam for you to take, dear readers. It won’t take long for those who frequently solve these kinds of issues to learn the reality behind the picture. Be sure that you will surely notice how sharp and fast your mind becomes after these!

Currently, there are a lot of test categories that catch people’s attention, such as photo galleries, optical illusions, math tests, and matchstick tests. And people love solving them. This is why we continue offering them!

In today’s logic test your task is to work with a simple image, but the task may seem a little difficult. Just by looking at it you should figure out who of the three is about to become a mother and is pregnant.

You shouldn’t require a lot of time if you’ve taken similar tests before and have practice. See the reveal bellow, we wish you good luck!

And here is the correct answer! The middle woman’s pregnant tummy made it difficult for her to put on her socks correctly. The woman on the right has quite large, well-groomed nails, indicating that she was able to bend down sufficiently to get them to take on the appropriate form, and the woman on the left is wearing heels, which wouldn’t occur if she were nine months pregnant.

We hope you enjoyed solving this logic test. Don’t forget to challenge your friends to solve it too. Enjoy your time!