Can you find all 8 people in the picture within 30 seconds?

by banber130389

Just remember how we all perceived the world around us in childhood. All the scents seemed so vivid and sharp, emotions were expressed every second. Joy, laughter, fun, surprise – this is far from a complete list of emotions surrounding us in childhood and adolescence.

Years go by, and without regular training of our brains, we can start to lose our intellectual abilities. And for some people, especially in old age, without mental and attention training, with decreasing brain activity, the first signs of dementia may appear.

To protect yourself from this ailment, specialists advise ‘loading’ your brain with various tasks as often as possible. These can be visual puzzles, logical riddles, mathematical problems. The main thing is that you enjoy the task yourself, regardless of its form and type.

One such visual task we offer you to solve today.

Try to find 8 faces in the picture within 30 seconds. Can you do it?

Write your answers in the comments. How many faces did you find: 5? 8? 9? It is said that people with a high level of brain activity development may even find 9 people here.