Brain teaser. Who is this warrior about to fight? Find his opponent in the picture.

by banber130389

Wars were an integral part of ancient societies and mythologies. In various cultures, wars could be depicted as noble and heroic deeds or as terrible and destructive phenomena.

In ancient Greek mythology, wars were depicted as a necessity, brought about by conflicts between gods and humans. Heroic expeditions and battles were portrayed as paths to glory and honor. However, at the same time, ancient Greek poets described the horrors of war, such as suffering, killings, and destruction.

In Norse mythology, wars were a common theme and often associated with the Vikings. Wars served not only as a means of defense but also as a means of seizing new lands and wealth. However, the Norse gods also possessed military power and fought in wars against giants and other enemies.

In ancient Roman mythology, the god Mars was the god of war and was revered as the protector of the Roman army. Wars were a means of expanding the Roman Empire and asserting its influence over other peoples.

In ancient societies, wars could be seen as a necessary evil or as a means of achieving certain goals. Some societies might try to avoid wars, while others considered war to be part of their culture and identity.

Will you be able to find a worthy opponent for this warrior in the picture?