Brain teaser. Help the hunters find the polar bear before it finds them.

by banber130389

When people venture into the embrace of the wild unprepared, their thoughts may vary depending on the environment they find themselves in. Danger lurks everywhere in the taiga, desert, jungles, and even on the shores of Antarctica, which is the continent we’ll be talking about today.

Now, our protagonists are ready to encounter a polar bear. One of them brought a gun, while the other will fend off with sticks. So, here’s what happened…

Somewhere in Antarctica, at a bone-chilling temperature of minus 43 degrees Celsius, two geologist friends decided to conduct research on the thickness of ice along the shores of the three oceans surrounding this continent.

As everyone knows, the South Pole is surrounded by the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. And when the geologists reached the shores of the Indian Ocean, they heard footsteps behind them.

The footsteps slowed down whenever the guys stopped, and when they resumed walking, they heard the steps again, indicating that someone or something was following them. They realized it could only be a polar bear.

So, where is this bear in the picture? Where is the polar bear?