Brain Aging Test: Find 3 animals within 20 seconds.

by banber130389

To make your mind work quickly and efficiently, it needs regular training. Try to solve this riddle, and you will find out if your brain activity needs additional load.

Users from Spain, Mexico, and the USA have been scratching their heads over this test for quite some time on the Internet. We’re interested to see how you’ll handle it. They say that such tests invigorate even better than a cup of coffee. Time to check.

The picture depicts a charming scene: a family is building a kennel for their pet. In addition to the dog, three more animals (or not quite animals) are hidden in the picture. You need to find them. Carefully study the details in the picture; they are the key to solving the puzzle. Time yourself — and go!

Below, we provide the solution to the puzzle. If you couldn’t solve it, no worries. The more you train your brain, the easier puzzles will be in the future. You can do it!