Besides the woman in the picture, there is a man, but not everyone will see him.

by banber130389

In the middle of the 19th century, various artists practiced a special form of art. The thing is, during those times, artists received quite modest payment for their work. Painting pictures or portraits was how the artists of that time earned a living.

To increase their income, artists were hired by various companies or entered into contracts with them, as it is commonly referred to today, to provide paid services.

So, what was their work? What benefit could they bring to a large, for example, manufacturing company?

It turns out it’s quite simple. Artists worked as marketers, and their task was to attract buyers with an image of a particular product.

If they painted a simple picture, indistinguishable from others, it wouldn’t affect potential customers. But if the picture was unusual, perhaps with a riddle or puzzle, then the customer would start examining it, and consequently might notice the product or the name of the manufacturer. In general, advertising has always been the engine of trade.

Now, take a look at today’s puzzle. This is part of an 18th-century chocolate wrapper. To attract buyers, they asked a particular kind of artist—a jester—to create this wrapper. And at the bottom of this wrapper (picture), there was a question: “Where is this man, the gentleman?”

So, can you find the man in the picture?