Attention test. How many dogs are actually in the photo?

by banber130389

In the waiting room of the veterinary clinic, there’s a whole line of owners and their pets. There are cats, rabbits, birds, and dogs. Can you count how many dogs are in the picture?

Be attentive, perhaps a cat decided to “disguise” as a dog to confuse you. And time yourself because if you manage it within 9 seconds, you’ll be among the top 3% of the most attentive people!

The correct answer is shown below:

In the illustration, you can distinguish 6 dogs: three of them are posters, and the other three are waiting for their turn with their owners to see the vet.

Earlier, we mentioned that the work of a veterinarian is not only responsible but also a lot of fun. In the gallery below, we show what fluffy patients come to the doctors.