Are you a genius? Can you find out which of the 3 men is the owner of the dog and how fast can you do it?

by banber130389

Who is the real owner of the dog? The main question of this IQ test. Logic tests like this are one of the best ways to test your intelligence level and train your mind for better problem-solving skills. The one that we want to share with you will help you test your dexterity and knowledge. Let’s get started and we will introduce it to you.

Many people f ail to figure out who owns the dog while solving the test. In fact, those who manage to guess the answer in less than 9 seconds show above average intelligence. S, let’s find out if you are one of them.


As we have already mentioned, you have only 9 seconds! The important thing is to analyze in detail the elements present, and based on what you see in the images, you will be able to give the correct answer.

We are sure you can do it. We wish you good luck. Return and see the reveal bellow whenever you are ready!

In the center we notice another person sitting at the table and working on the laptop. Next to it is another man reading a book about dog training. Although you would tend to think that the last option is the correct one, well, you would be wrong.

The real owner of the dog is the man sitting at the middle table, the one working on the laptop. If you look closely, you’ll notice he’s sitting on the dog’s leash. We hope you managed to solve this. Enjoy your time and always boost your intelligence level with us!