An optical illusion found on the Internet that reveals geniuses.

by banber130389

Would you like to find out if you possess the observant eye of a detective and a brilliant mind? A new optical illusion quickly became popular on the internet because only 7% of social media users were able to spot the trick in the picture.

This small mental workout will help you start your work week more productively and also test how attentive you are. Doctors and psychologists recommend regularly performing simple exercises to train your brain and enhance cognitive abilities.

At first glance, the picture seems ordinary. It depicts an elderly woman in a hat who seems very upset about something. She is wiping away tears with a handkerchief. However, this image is called an optical illusion for a reason: something is hidden in it — an unusual object, another person, or even an animal.

Your task is to find what is hidden. You have only 10 seconds for this. They say this time is more than enough for those with a brilliant mind. However, it might not be sufficient for beginners or those who don’t train their brains much.

Start the timer and begin the search for what is hidden.

Scroll down to see the answer.

Correct answer: a dog was hidden in the picture. It was concealed right under everyone’s noses, or more precisely, on the woman’s nose. Can you see it now?