African puzzle: find the tiger and two elephants in 10 seconds.

by banber130389

In the illustration, we observe two tigers leisurely prowling through the lush jungle. Yet, amidst the foliage, two elephants are concealed nearby, their nerves tingling with apprehension at the sight of the predators.

Typically, tigers do not prey on elephants, but the presence of the formidable felines has left the large-eared giants wary and hesitant to emerge from hiding.

Your challenge is to uncover their whereabouts, along with another tiger who has opted to engage in a game of hide and seek.

Feel at liberty to manipulate the image, scrutinizing its intricacies. The artist has invested considerable effort in concealing the animals, but none can evade the scrutiny of our discerning eyes.

See below for the solution:

One elephant reclines on its back beneath the tiger (rotate the picture 180 degrees), while the second elephant faces forward beneath the tiger (rotate 90 degrees clockwise).

Additionally, the visage of the second tiger lies beneath the countenance of the first tiger (rotate the picture 180 degrees once more).