A vintage visual puzzle that 98% of people fail! Can you find two rabbits in the picture?

by banber130389

“If you have keen eyesight, you’ll handle the task in less than 10 seconds. Others will need to seriously strain their eyes to spot at least one animal in the picture.

To solve this puzzle, you’ll need maximum concentration and a quiet and calm environment. Of course, wit is also indispensable!

This mysterious picture was published in an English newspaper at the beginning of the last century. It depicts a hunter trying to catch at least one rabbit. In reality, there are two animals in the picture, and you need to find them faster than the hunter!

Don’t forget to start the stopwatch and record the time you spend searching. Let’s determine in the comments who turned out to be the fastest!

Strain your brain! Perhaps you need to look at the picture from a slightly different angle? However, we won’t give any more hints.

If you absolutely can’t see the animals here, scroll down to see the answer.


Rotate the picture 180 degrees. Do you now see the silhouettes of two little rabbits?

Share your results in the comments!”