A difficult IQ puzzle to find out how good your detective skills are!

by banber130389

We are continuously searching for circumstances and methods to lessen the mental strain we endure on a daily basis. In this regard, visual tests definitely stand out among the many virtual entertainment formats that have grown in popularity on social networks among both children and adults.

They come in a variety of forms and levels of difficulty, enabling each player to select the ideal game for their preferences and cognitive capacities. We are happy to introduce you a test like that, that will put your detective skills under a test. A puzzle to solve, a victim to locate, and a perpetrator to identify.

It’s a difficult challenge, especially since you only have 15 seconds to unravel the mystery.

The following set of hints needs to be carefully dissected and scrutinized. These hints ought to help you pinpoint both the murder victim and the offender. Five of the potential offenders shown in the graphic are taken into consideration in this particular conundrum.

The victim’s death yesterday is all the information we know.

Dan: Yesterday, the man in the orange shirt and one of the hapless men ran the marathon;

Before relocating to the city, the man in the blue shirt was a farmer, according to Mike; Jeff, the young man dressed in a suit and tie, works as a computer consultant and will assist Ben with setting up a new computer the following week. They have collaborated to design and construct a computer; Jack: The adult in the green shirt has been living alone and is the sibling of the offender; Ben: The man in the lime green shirt met Jack six months ago.

The offender is a man without a leg.

Don’t worry if you are still in the dark after looking at the six hints. One more tiny tip for you is this: “Dan, the marathon runner, cannot be involved in this situation.”

Now, all you have to do is return to the mystery image and attempt to solve it in the fifteen seconds that are left. Wishing you luck!

Dan was first ruled out since, in addition to the six indicators, the culprit’s missing leg was mentioned. Given that he had run a marathon the day before, it made sense to rule him out as a likely suspect in light of this particular circumstance. Jack hasn’t spoken to anyone and has been living alone.

Ben is still alive and in the process of setting up a new PC. They met only six months ago, thus he is not Jack’s brother. So now it’s just Mike and Jeff. Jeff will assist Ben in installing a new computer next week, which is why he is still alive.