20 mistakes in a minute. Can you find all the artist’s mistakes in the picture?

by banber130389

We’ve talked many times about the usefulness of training your vision and developing logical abilities. Visual tasks, especially those with a logical component, will help you stay sharp for a long time. And staying sharp and mentally active are crucial factors for longevity.

For example, why do the Japanese live very long lives and remain in good mental and physical health until the very end? They constantly train their brains with various puzzles.

One direction of visual puzzles is tasks that involve finding mistakes in pictures or drawings. In fact, this type of puzzle was quite popular in Play Game magazines in the USA in the early 1960s.

We’ve managed to find an even earlier version of similar tasks. Despite being presented in black and white, they are still very interesting to solve. Let’s not keep our subscribers and channel guests waiting any longer and present the task.

Before you is an ordinary room. Well, ordinary at first glance only. The author who drew this “masterpiece” made a bunch of logical mistakes. There are a total of 20 such mistakes in the picture. Can you find them?