You will surely love this angry cockatoo’s hilarious angry speech. She is mad at her owner for telling her to get in her cage

by banber130389

Some species of parrot are known for their ability to talk. They learn words by hearing them a few times and repeat them all the time. They are very intelligent and know how and where to use the words they learn and that fact is absolutely insane. They are clever and having them as a pat is one of the best decisions someone can ever make.

The video bellow that we want to share with you shows an angry cockatoo walking on her cage and saying different words and expressions angrily. She got angry because his owner told her to go back in his cage.

It is truly insane to think how she memorized all that words. She had other owners too, and probably earned all the vocabulary from them over years. Her current owner had a very good reaction and had so much fun. We are lucky that he filmed their hilarious conversation and shared it on social media.

Pebble, the parrot and the main hero of this story is free to show her emotion and she loves it too! Watch the video bellow, we are sure this will make you laugh and will make your day. Don’t forget to share this with your friends, so the video can cheer them up too!