You will be touched knowing why this 8-year-old decided to grow his hair

by banber130389

Children are the purest creators and these are not just words. They experience emotions in a very different way and can be more sensitive than adults, even if the topic is deeper for their age.

Thomas Moore’s story is a proof of that. He and his mother watched a video about a girl who had cancer. He was very touched, especially about the fact that she lost her hair. He was upset and told his mom about his idea.

He decided to grow his hair, to donate to all kids who needed. Imagine how emotionally and mentally strong you need to be, to make a decision like that. His mom is probably very proud to have a son like him, and he deserves all the good words and treatments in the world.

This is how kindness is being formed in children. If they want to help, never refuse and give them the opportunity to feel better about what they do and the changes they make. In the video bellow you can see the moment of him getting his hair cut. They were able to make three wigs at once! Watch it bellow and share this with your loved ones too!