You should watch this dog and little bunnies enjoying each other’s companies. They even thought the dog is their mom

by banber130389

It is the cutest thing to watch how different animals enjoy being together. They are an inseparable part of the nature and surely, they have that special spirit that unites them. This stories main hero is adorable dog named Bailey.

He is a very sweet dog, and always loves interactions with other animals. He is kind and caring. And he received the best gift he could ever receive.

His human adopted 22-day old little bunnies and now he was able to spend time with them and show all his love. But the most interesting thing is that the bunnies immediately felt the love that he had for them. That is why they even thought that the caring dog was their mom and refused to leave Bailey.

In the video bellow, you can see how much he enjoys their company. His body language says it all. He tries to hug them, show that he protects and loves them. They are just adorable together!

The bunnies jump over Bailey and played none stop. They are full of energy and playing with him is the best way to spend their energy. Watch the video bellow and see how cute they look together; we hope this will make you smile. Enjoy watching, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family, that way you can also support us!