You probably haven’t heard an elephant laughing. So, don’t miss your opportunity, here is a precious footage

by banber130389

There are many facts about animals that are probably unknown to people. For example, they are able to make laughing sounds. We want to share with you a rare footage of an elephant laughing, we hope you will love it!

The video has been shot in Thailand. They were filming the video just for fun, and didn’t even expect to catch that on camera. In the video bellow you can see the elephant and the employee of the reserve and an elephant playing together.

It is very cute and precious to see how little things and a little attention can make them happy, and how much they enjoy the company of people. They use a plastic bucket as a toy and the baby elephant loves it so much!

There were many other visitors in the reserve and they all were very impressed and the little elephant managed to win all of their attention. He made laughing sounds, showing that he loved and was enjoying what they were doing.

Watch the video bellow, and enjoy this little piece of nature, we hope this will brighten your day and make you smile. You can support us by sharing this article with your friends and family members too! Enjoy watching!