Why is it advisable to consistently position a toilet paper roll beneath the seat

by banber130389

Your bathroom showing signs of wear and tear? Maintaining it can be a challenge, especially when dealing with stubborn stains. Here are some top-notch home hacks you’ll thank us for later. Looking for storage solutions for your hairbrush, curling iron, or hairdryer? Skip the expensive wooden holders and try using dishwasher cutlery baskets – they’re a fantastic and inexpensive alternative.

These baskets work wonders, especially if you have a cupboard to store them in. They declutter the bathroom, making space for more essential items.

Reaching certain corners in your bathroom can be a struggle. Oddly enough, a toilet roll can serve as an improvised nozzle.

Ever wondered why hotels place empty toilet paper rolls under the seats? These empty rolls often replace used toilet paper hubs for the same reason you find red cups or plastic cups in public toilets, hotels, or restaurants. Sometimes, an empty roll is more effective in signaling to users that there are no tissues left.