Two sons recreated a Tik-Tok trend with their dad. The internet is loving this

by banber130389

New dance challenges are what many people are looking forward to nowadays. They are always fun to recreate and people have so much fun learning and filming them. “The Weeknd” dance challenge was trending recently and people were creating a dance video using The Weeknd’s song “Blinding lights”.

We want to share with you a really fun and cool version of it. McFarland brothers decided to do this trend, but they needed someone to do it with them, as the dance requires three people. They knew it was their father’s time to shine.

It was difficult for them to create this dance together but they did it! The father is standing in the middle and that is why he got all the attention of the viewers, who absolutely loved the video. They passed so much positive energy, vibes and warmed millions of hearts. The brothers surely made the right decision for their 3rd dancer!

Check out the video bellow to see them recreating the trend, and doing it literally perfectly. We are sure you will love it. Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends, to put a smile on their face too. That will also be a support for us. Enjoy watching the energic dance.

@the.mcfarlands Reply to @nichpao Only because the bloopers are better that the actual video 😂 #yearontiktok #fyp #dan ♬ original sound – The McFarlands