Two-faced cat became a father, and nature again managed to surprise: photos of the original kittens

by banber130389

Narnia is the name of a three-year-old cat living in France with Stephanie Jiminez. Thanks to his unusual appearance, Narnia is a real “star” on social networks. One half of the face of this blue-eyed cat is colored in black, and the second – in gray.

Stephanie Jiminez did not take away her pet’s chance to have offspring, and recently Narnia became a father. It must be said that in the case of the offspring of the original cat, nature also showed its imagination. Each kitten looks like his father, but they are completely different from each other: one baby has gray fur, and the second – black.

In Instagram on the page Narnia is subscribed to more than 246 000 people. Subscribers call the unusual cat in different ways: Terminator, Two-faced, and also – Chimera. Usually scientists call animals with this type of color chimera. Such a strange coloring is inherent in organisms whose cells contain 2 types of DNA due to the connection of two embryos.

The owner of the cat, Stephanie Jiminez claims that according to the results of genetic research Narnia is not a chimera in the scientific sense. And why her pet has such an amazing coloring, still remains a mystery.