Twelve years have passed. How the life of a boy with an old man’s face is shaping up

by banber130389

Twelve years ago, a baby boy was born into the Alibekov family. Pregnancy was easy, all the tests showed that the child is fully healthy and developing according to the norm.

In the maternity hospital the specialists who were the first to see Yernar also didn’t suspect anything. A month after Yernar’s birth his mother noticed unusual folds on the baby’s face. Two months later the folds got even bigger.

Yernar Alibekov

Yernar’s mother, Zibensa Tulepbergenova, turned to specialists. After examination, the woman was explained that the boy was aging prematurely.

“Everything was fine during pregnancy. Specialists believe that the problem is that my husband and I are distant relatives”, – says Z. Alibekova.

Her relatives advised her to write a renunciation and give him to an orphanage, but the woman did not even listen to such advice. She did everything to ensure that her baby did not feel special, and lived like all the other children.

“We have been living in the same place since Ernar was born. Everyone knows him in the yard. He is not considered to be a special child. Our child is known by everyone from the schoolteacher to the letter carrier. There are no problems with the neighbors.

The parents created a page for their son on social networks. Thanks to the money donated by people who cared, he is undergoing expensive procedures.

Now Yernar is 12 years old. He completed the first three grades in a regular high school. Now the unusual boy continues his education remotely. Sometimes he goes to school, he has a very good relationship with his classmates. Yernar is a straight-A student. He does not lag behind his peers in development.

The boy is engaged in swimming and perfectly plays the piano. Recently Yernar took part in a competition. He performed an anthem on the piano and recited a poem about his homeland. He received a new computer for winning the contest. The boy plans to envy his channel on a famous video hosting site. He dreams of becoming a good programmer.

Yernar systematically undergoes special procedures in the medical center. Unfortunately, “premature skin aging syndrome” has not been studied.

Of course, because of his unusual appearance Yernar doesn’t look like his peers, but he grows up to be endlessly cheerful and energetic. Yernar is a very interesting, well-rounded person. Inner beauty is much more important than outer beauty. Share your opinion in the comments.