Touching footage of dog pushing owner’s wheelchair to help him move

by banber130389

“He is not heavy, he is my master and I will do everything that is needed for him”. If a dog named Digong could speak, he probably would say this to everyone wondering why he does that. A married couple in the Philippines saw an unusual picture on the road and luckily recorded a video so we can see it too. The devotion of a dog has no limits and this is a perfect example of that.

A few years ago, Danel Alarcon had an accident. Unfortunately his spine was injured and he lost the ability to walk. In Philippines, there is a minimum of infrastructure for the disabled people. Alarcon spends most of his time in his wheelchair, always with his faithful dog Digong. Digong believes that he is obliged to help the owner to overcome long distances, which the authors of the video saw.

Their first impression was “This can’t be real!”. But it was more than real. He is a guide dog and is understanding his owner the best. He carries packages of groceries and helps him every possible way.

Digong really took a new level of responsibility for his man, he perfectly understands how hard it is for him to travel long distances and therefore helps with all his might. Although this is clearly not an easy job for which the dog is not intended – shocked by what they saw, the married couple insisted on treating Alarcon and Digong to dinner at the Eat-All-You-You-Got restaurant.