To please people, a puppy from the shelter learned to smile

by banber130389

Abandoned animals who end up in the walls of a shelter can spend their entire lives waiting for new owners. In order not to be left alone, the little ones resort to various tricks.

The hero of today’s story is a two-month old black labrador, Burro, who was brought to the shelter of the Humane Society. The doggy was treated and placed in a private enclosure. After a few months there, the dog got tired of sitting idle. He began to act so that he would be spotted and taken back to his family as soon as possible.

Each visitor Burro greeted with a special expression on his face. By practicing every day, the doggie learned to smile. Seeing the dog’s persistence and artistry, the volunteers decided to help him. So they shot a video together, which went viral on the net. Burro became a real attraction at the shelter. Photos with him gathered hundreds of likes and comments. There were lines to see the smiling dog in person.

Thanks to his charming appearance and resourcefulness, Burro got his way. A married couple could not resist the funny animal who tried so hard to please them. That same day, the happy Burro went to his new home.

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