This woman presents her idyllic little house with a beautiful view of the rainforest

by banber130389

After a devastating earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2011, Vicki had to make a choice: stay in the ruins or start over.

Vicki took the plunge and decided to start over in Australia. But with limited resources, she opted for a lifestyle that was both economical and low-maintenance: the small life. But she knew it could be more comfortable for her and she would feel good.

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Living Big In A Tiny House )

Vicki’s little house was a reflection of her personality and her renewed vision of the future. She had everything she needed in her tiny house: dual-purpose furniture, a bay window overlooking the garden, and extra lighting through the window.
She even had a unique design for her shower, sink and toilet, as well as a closet for easy access to her clothes. It made her life feel fresh and good.

Living in a small house offered more opportunities for creativity and sustainable living. Plus, with fewer rooms and other areas to clean and maintain, Vicki was able to keep her living space low-maintenance. Vicki is very happy with her decision and shows that even in bad times there is hope for a better future, you just have to do something to reach it!