This woman helped the homeless man, and received a note that made her cry

by banber130389

It is one of the greatest feelings, when you realize that you did something good and kind for someone. But sometimes we won’t even realize that. Our one word, one move can change something in someone’s life to the better.

This very touching and heartwarming story is the best example of how your kind acts can literally save someone’s life. The hero of this story, a young lady, was just out walking and passed by a café and noticed a beggar sitting there.

The woman recently became a mother, and something inside her just told her to spread some kindness and she bought him some food and drink. The man was very happy to receive that and the woman even tried to talk to him and they had a warm conversation together.

The man’s story was actually very sad. He had gone through many difficulties, lost his loved ones and family members, and ended up being in the street completely alone. The woman tried to give him hope and when the woman wanted to already leave, the man asked her to wait for a minute.

The woman watched how he wrote something in the piece of a ripped paper and handed it to her. She thought he was writing his name or something else, and that is why she looked at it only when she got in her car. She was in tears reading the next words:

“I wanted to kill myself today, but because of you, now I do not. Thank you, beautiful person.”

She surely felt unreal and indescribable emotions at that moment, imagine saving someone’s life and not even realizing it. This is your sign to be kind and spread love always and everywhere, you will surely receive it back. Don’t forget to share this amazing story with your loved ones, to also support us. Thank you for reading and being with us!