This video made the whole internet laugh. The ice was not letting the woman get in the car

by banber130389

Every season has its own beauty and unique sides. Spring is bringing back the warm feelings and making people smile more, summer is the season of adventures, autumn is for creative people who love colors and the spirit of Halloween, and winter is of course associated with Christmas firstly.

The weather is starting to get colder, but hearts get warmer, as Christmas is near. But the cold weather still makes challenges for people, that they try to avoid. The video bellow has been captured from the window and shows how the woman struggles to get in the car.

The caption of the video shared on YouTube back in 2014 reads: This just made my Christmas…. ice rain storm made my parents driveway a little treacherous for my sister Suzanne, and my dad. Car has winter tires, nobody was drunk, her boots are Sorels, and the roads were salted and gritted so driving was perfectly safe.

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