This toddler’s reaction to seeing his mom in a wedding dress is precious. He is truly the sweetest

by banber130389

Wedding is one of the most important events in everyone’s life. They are life changing and two faiths cross together, starting a new chapter of life. This beautiful scene, that we want to share with you, shows the bride’s 2-year-old son’s reaction to seeing her mother in a bride dress.

Kristie Mihelich had the cutest moment of her wedding thanks to her 2-year-old son. He literally stole her mom’s heart once more and the crowed loved him so much too.

Source – screenshot instagram (piersontheprince)

His adorable son, Pierson was very excited. He was told about that day so many times, but he of course didn’t know what was going to exactly happen. And when he saw his mother in a beautiful white dress, he couldn’t help yelling “ Hey mom!” . Everyone started laughing and filming him.

He than ran to his mother and hugged her. This is surely the cutest and the most unforgettable moment of their wedding. Kristie loved that moment so much and said that the whole wedding was worth planning, just to see her son’s excitement.
Watch the adorable video bellow, that has been shared by Kristie on her Instagram page. Enjoy watching, we hope it will make you smile.


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