This squirrel sleeps only while hugging her teddy bear. Here is her touching rescue story

by banber130389

This is another animal rescue story that surely will make you smile. Any living creature deserves happiness but living and surviving in nature is a difficult thing. It is difficult especially for little unprotected animals, who may end up in situations, where they won’t be able to survive without anyone’s help.

In this story this baby squirrel was rescued by a kind woman, who literally saved her life. She was left by her mother in unknown circumstances, and was just days old. The woman found her in the woods, closer to the town, when she was out for a morning run.

She took her home, took good care of her and the baby squirrel started growing day by day. She was given the name Jill. Their bond became so strong that the animal didn’t even return to the wild. She chose to stay with her lovely owner.

Her owner gave her freedom, to see of the animal would return to the wild, but she kept returning to her. The definition of true love and friendship.

Jill even has her own habits and things that she loves to do. For example, she sleeps only after hugging her lovely tiny teddy bear. This claims the fact that squirrels love sleeping while hugging each other, and this is very cute!

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