This soldier and military dog finally reunited after being separated from each other. This is truly amazing

by banber130389

Military soldiers always try to not get attached to the dogs they work with, but every animal lover knows it is very difficult and almost impossible. This story shows how bug the emotional contact between a dog and a military worker can be.

Jason Boss was reunited with his dog Cece. They worked together, and their paths were separated. But soon after their military was over, they were able to reunite together.

Their relationship was truly special, and their reunion was full of emotions. Cece served and was protecting lives of people, who protect us. They both are real heroes and deserve to be appreciated for all they have done.

He left the army but the dog stayed there and continued her military, but when she was retired, they finally had chance to continue their emotional friendship the way they would love to.

In the video you can learn more details about this amazing story, and of course see the moment of their reunion. Watch the video bellow, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family too, that way you can support us, enjoy watching!