This quadruplet’s story touched so many people. This is how they escaped from an abusive family

by banber130389

Some of us face difficulties in life that seem insurmountable at some point, but strong on es always fight for the best. This is the story of quadruplet sisters. They were born and raised in Beverly Hills. Sadly, they grew up in an abusive family. But at 13 years old they ended up in a foster care.

Source – screenshot youtube (The Lucci Quadruplets)

They faced many difficulties but never gave up. They graduated high school and studies in collage. In the video bellow they tell their story, and all the challenges and the hard times they had to go through.

Listening them you can understand how strong they actually are, to overcome all of that and return to normal life again. They had been abused for very basic things, in their daily life, which is the worst.

It is so painful to hear how their own parents didn’t believe in them and always repeated that they were not going to be anywhere good in life. But they were strong enough to overcome that and make their own new reality.

Source – screenshot youtube (The Lucci Quadruplets)

Thankfully they met right people after 13 years of their life. New friends, new family that gave them hope to continue dreaming and believing in themselves. Watch the video bellow, to learn more about their touching story. Be free to share this article with your friends and family members too, that way you can also support us!