This parrot refused to come down from the roof. This is her funny response to the firefighters who came for help

by banber130389

We want to tell you the story of Macaw Jesse, a beautiful female parrot that resides in a charming house in the Edmonton district of London. She had escaped her owner’s grasp and ended up on the top of their neighbor’s roof. The owner tried to get her home, but his attempts were not successful, and he couldn’t make the bird return to her nest.

She continued that for three days, and there was already no any other option left for her owner, than to call and ask for help. The local firefighters soon arrived to help get Jesse back home. It seemed like she wanted to have some alone time, and refused the help of firefighters.

They tried their best, and said compliments and good words, but they seemed to not help. The parrot had cuss words for them, and expressed her anger that way. Of course, she than apologized for her behavior and said thank you to her rescuers.

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