This parrot heard his favorite song and started dancing. He is incredible

by banber130389

Weall have our favorite song and listening to them makes us feel good. hearing your favorite song makes you want to dance, move and express emotions. Our today’s hero is no exception. But this is not only about people, and the hero of this story is actually a parrot.

He asked his master to turn on the popular “Despasito” for him and simply conquered everyone around him with his dance. He was even waiting and saving his energy for the best part of the song, which was his favorite.

Seeing his reaction to the song, we can assume that he is ready to give everything for it – he likes it so much and it was probably his 100th time listening to that song. He made people around him smile and spread positive energy. We are sure he will be able to do it from behind the screens too.

Be sure to check out the video bellow to see his incredible dance and catch his energy and vibes, we are sure he will make your day. You can show us your support by sharing this article with your family and friends too. Enjoy watching!