This one-year-old pretends to know how to talk. Her father fully supported their “conversation”

by banber130389

Babies are the most innocent creators on earth. Their honest reactions to everything are always the best. One of the cutest things about them is also the fact that they try doing everything adults do. They learn very fast and try to repeat everything they see. But of course, they not always able to “repeat” things.

The example in the video bellow is talking. Sometimes toddlers are not able to say words yet, but pretend to know how to talk, as it seems very fun to them.

The fact that a year-old Eryn Fitzgerald couldn’t speak yet, didn’t stop her from having a conversation with her father. She tries showing something with her fingers and pretending to speak.

Her father kept asking her questions like “and then what?”, “yeah and then?”. And the little precious girl seemed to like those questions so much. She kept going on and was more and more excited after each question.

Watch the adorable video of the awesome girl bellow. We are sure her cute voice, expressions and body language will make you fall in love with her. Enjoy watching and share this with your loved ones too, that way you can also support us!