This old elephant was rescued and moved to a shelter. Here is how she immediately found new friends

by banber130389

Animals always teach us what real friendship should look like. They always stay faithful to their loved ones, and never leave them alone when they are needed. It is their nature and we really should appreciate their qualities. This heartwarming and very touching story is another prove for this.

The story is about a sweet dog named Pancake and his elephant best friend, who he had met in the animal care center. The elephant named Boon Thong was rescued from a camp, where she had to carry tourists on her back, as a result of which her spine was damaged so bad.

She was already old when she was rescued, felt exhausted, but soon the environment helped her change and she started enjoying her life and discovering more about the world around her. And when she was new in the shelter, she met an old elephant who was about to die, and shoed her support showing that she was there for her, it was very touching too!

Some time passed and Boon had serious health problems too. She needed someone to be on her side too, as months ago she was for an unknown for her elephant. Pancake immediately realized there was something wrong with her, as they already managed to know each other. This is when he completely refused to leave her alone.

The shelter worker Catline and Pancake were next to her for nine hours and the whole time he was trying to do everything to show his support and do something to make her feel better. She unfortunately died but she surely found her peace, and of course felt the love and support her best friends gave her…