This mum helps her awesome baby girl to not pay attention to criticizm and appreciate her magnificent’ differr

by banber130389

Marianna Bowering is a talented makeup artist from Australia. But one of the best names she carries is that she is a mother of a very pretty girl. She recently has captured hearts and minds online due to her commendable approach to birth port wine stain awareness.

Source screenshot instagram (angelica_and_louka)

Angelica had a very creative idea about reproduceing her daughter’s birthmarks on her own face to highlight her beauty and uniqueness. She easily did this using her talents as a makeup artist.

Angelica was born with a heart-shaped port wine stain running from her forehead to her chin. Her parents think that her birthmark is a very special thing and is a look symbolizing undying love.

Unfortunately, family sometimes had to face disrespectful comments and bullying from strangers online. Not everyone sees the beauty of her and that is normal, as not everyone understands what “art” is.


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You can watch their Instagram account, where they share their daily life and beautiful moments. We are sure that you will agree that they are just adorable. Her parents surely do everything to make their children the happiest.

We hope you love their story and we hope that this little princess will grow up in a better society where people don’t care about looks that much. Share this with your loved ones, that way you can support this article, thank you for reading and being with us!