This man is 56-year-old and has 7 grandfather. Here is what the secret of his youth is.

by banber130389

Everyone wants to always look beautiful and young and does everything for that. People who work really hard for this always enjoy the moment, when no one believes their age when they are being asked. That is their goal!

This is Andy Wilkinson’s story, who heard that expression way too many times in his life. He is 56 years old but looking at him you would never guess that; he looks 30 or even younger.

Another interesting fact about him, that makes his age even more unbelievable, is that he has 7 grandchildren already! He is sure that the reason of his good appearance is not just genetics. He watches his diet and works hard.

Andy does sports for 38 years straight without stopping. Sport is what helps him keep his shape the best. He works as personal trainer for some time too, which again was a very good experience for him.

He keeps his sport results with watching his diet and eating only right food. He does his best to avoid stress as it surely has its bad effect on the health condition, and skin. Andy never forgets drinking enough water for his body, which is his one of the most important “secrets” to his success. Share this amazing article with your friends too, and know what they think about this, thank you for reading!