This little dog seems to enjoy the process of hair-brushing too much. One of the funniest videos ever

by banber130389

Owning a pet has so much responsibilities. This always reminds us that we are responsible for their life, and for making them happy, but happiness is all about the little things. Sometimes the smallest things are what they need to be happy. The video bellow proves this, and watching it you will get so much positive energy.

Dogs love to be petted so much. They also love the process of brushing them, and they enjoy it so much. But this little boy, Choli, enjoys it just so much. He was having so good and pleasant time, that just slept and stopped moving completely while his owner was brushing him. And he was in this condition as soon as his owner took out the hairbrush, which makes this even more cute.

But his funny face is what made the whole social media love the video. He completely trusts his owner, and chose the best and the most comfortable position for him, without worrying about anything.

Check out the funny video bellow, we hope this will fill your day with positivity. You can support us by sharing this article with your loved ones too, enjoy watching!