This little boy was told that all his candy was eaten. His reaction is both funny and mature at the same time

by banber130389

It is always interesting to watch different reactions, especially kids, who are unexpected and have very little experience about everything in life. They may be upset about very little things, or care about things that mean nothing.

But of course, there are many understanding children too, who have kind of a “mature” mindset. All they can care about so much are candies or toys. But the video bellow proves that love can make them not car about that thing either.

Source – screenshot youtube (Rumble Viral)

This 3-year-old boy’s mom, decided to check her son’s reaction, and see how he would react if he knew that all his candies were eaten. It is so funny to see how he was confused after her mom’s words. She said: “I got so hungry and I ate all of your candy”.

At first, he seemed upset, and even opened the fridge, showing her mom all the food she could have eaten instead of his candies. But at the end he has a very cute reaction and his words will melt your heart.

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