This little boy imitates to be a waiter, and takes an order from her mom. You should watch this!

by banber130389

The adorable video of a little boy below is just perfect for your mood to change to the better! Children have joyful unpredictability and it is something that makes us adore them even more.

Children love imitating adults and sometimes they make a sincere effort to do an adult-level work, giving it all of their focus and diminutive talent. The main character of this story is an adorable little boy with a charming Southern accent who is determined to assist his mom, Chrystal Logsdon, with domestic duties.

Source – screenshot youtube (Rumble Viral)

He looks very serious and that makes him cuter. He asks what her mother wanted to have and kept asking “What else?”. The mom wasn’t disappointing and her answers are very professional. She keeps adding things to make his son to completely enjoy his little game

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