This lady’s hilarious speech is the best. Her prayer turned into something very positive and energic

by banber130389

It is always the cutest thing to see older people being positive and always finding something to entertain them and even others. We are sure you will enjoy watching Mary Maxwell’s hilarious speech, which was meant to be a prayer before the dinner would be serve, but turned into a funny speech.

Firstly, a lady invited her to the stage and mentioned that they are very honored to have her there that day. As Mary introduced herself, she was a new member of “Home instead”. Her speech was very basic and seemed to be over, when she stopped and said “Sorry God, as long as I have the microphone…”

This is when the audience realized what was going to happen. It was already hilarious and the whole audience was laughing and getting positivity form this mesmerizing lady. She kept the same positive energy and vibe for minutes, now that is charisma and creativity!

Watch the video bellow, we are sure her humor will make you smile and make your day. Enjoy watching and also share this with your loved ones!