This judge uses unusual and creative punishments and no one ever wants to repeat what they have done before

by banber130389

We want to tell you about judge Michael Cicconetti, who served in Painesville, Ohio, for 25 years. The thing about him is that Cicconetti was a special small-town judge. Throughout his long career, he gained a reputation for always handing out unusual sentences.

One of his most famous cases was when he sentenced a woman to spend a night in the woods in. This was back in 2005. Michelle M. Murray was that woman and she received that sentence because she had abandoned 35 kittens in a park in Ohio. Nine of the cats didn’t survive that night, and many of them got many other problems.

Another way he used for returning justice, was to make an 18-year-old girl walk 30 miles as she skipped out on a cab fare. It was a very unique way of being sentenced, and of course the 18-year-old chose to walk 30 miles instead of going to jail.

He gives people choice. He makes them o things that they made others experience. This is a great way to reduce the amount of crime in the area. People think that if this time they are being given a choice, the next time they already won’t be able to choose.

Watch the video bellow, and see other cases and decisions of the judge Michael Cicconetti. In the interview he explains how he comes up with the ideas and shares other interesting things about his career and years of practice. You can support us by sharing this article with your friends too!