This is why you need to always lock your car doors at a gas station to escape unpleasant situations

by banber130389

You should always and everywhere be attentive. You will never know what awaits you and danger or failure can be everywhere. We are here to worn you about one of that dangers so you can be attentive and know what you have to do in this kind of situations.

The video bellow tells about a kind of thieves that were called “sliders”. Soon you will understand why they chose that name. In gas stations they wait for the car to be empty, stop next to it, slide and open the door, and steal everything people leave in the car.

The police warns everyone to not live anything in the car, or keep the doors closed. It is a common thing for the passengers to leave their bags, phones or other valuable things in the car. And these thieves seem to be very well informed about it. They chose the easiest way to do their dark job.

In the video bellow you can see examples of how these “sliders” manage to steal things from the cars and run away quickly.
The police warns you to be attentive even if you are standing right next to your car. In that cases they surely know that the doors are open and will take that chance to steal something and after it use their speed to escape. So, lock your doors in any situation when you are in a gas station. Watch the video bellow, be safe and attentive, and share this with your family and friends to worn them about this too!