This is how this brave man rescued a wild lynx. The animal’s behavior after the rescue is very unexpected

by banber130389

Sometimes animals can end up in situations, where only humans can help them. Even wild animals nowadays come across to situations like this. This is a story about how two men rescued a wild lynx who was stuck in a bear trap.

The poor animal was of course angry and aggressive, and approaching him was the hardest thing to do. They are known for their perfect hunting and tracking skills and they can be extremely dangerous.

The brave and kind man in the video bellow is Chris Ward, who is with his friend Aaron. They rescued him and filmed the whole process of it. The animal was scared at first but then probably realized that they were there to help him.

The lynx was trapped in a bear trap and they knew they had to put aside their fear and try to free him, to save his life. The man uses a large stick to free the animal and they succeed. The animal’s behavior is very unexpected when he is freed, and he seems to finally understand what was going on.

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