This is how the shelter manager rescued a tied dog in a garden during a flood. He is a real hero

by banber130389

This is a story about a dog who was struggling to keep his head above water in the area of flood. He was rescued by the manager of the local shelter, and became his hero, who saved his life. The rescue was reported by Daily Paws.

On March 18, torrential rains hit Dothan, Alabama (southern US) and surrounding cities, causing flooding. A witness saw a dog in distress and contacted local police. The dog was tied up in his owners’ yard and the water was already up to his neck. There was no way for him to escape safely.

When Bill Banks, who runs the Dothan Animal Shelter, was notified of the situation, he immediately went there. Unable to contact the dog’s owner, he decided to intervene himself.

Bill Banks reached the animal and managed to untie him. The dog was finally free. The cutes part of this story is that the dog hugged him, expressing his gratitude to his rescuer.

The interested party believes that he has only done his duty and does not want to blame the owner of the dog. He explained that the dog was away from home at the time and that the unprecedented rise in water levels in the region had taken everyone by surprise. The dog’s owner returned home a half hour after the rescue. Don’t forget to share this animal rescue story with your friends too, that way you can also support us!