This is how the man lets the bears stuck in his car escape. A real brave hero was captured on camera

by banber130389

We are all ready to have unexpected guests sometimes, but Travis Gonzalez and his family surely didn’t expect to have “them” as guests in their yard. They saw a bear with its baby in their SUV, with the doors closed, they had to do something to get them off.

They had no other choice than to open the car door and run. The scene was captured and you can see how the bears ran very fast too, which shows that they didn’t want to hurt them, and probably were scared too, being stuck there. But they surely weren’t bored in the car…

Of course, they didn’t leave the car with doing nothing. They gave the SUV owners a huge damage to the car interior. Everything inside was ripped and broken, it seemed like the little ones had so much fun and played together enjoying their time.

Check out the video bellow to see how Travis bravely opens the car door and lets them escape. If he didn’t do that, the poor animals wouldn’t make it. we hope you will like it. Share this with your friends and family too, and ask what would they do if they ended up in this kind of situation, enjoy watching!